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There are many good tribute bands, but very few that would be able to be a Rush tribute band. The band Rush Hour not only pays tribute to their musical influences with passion, but create a show with visual effects and excellent musicianship. At the last show, watching Rush Hour gave everyone a sense of amazement.  Opening with the hit The Spirit of Radio, you knew instantly this was a well rehearsed band and a fun night of Rush music was ahead.  Lead guitarist Dave Capodanno shines in the limelight often with his vast array of guitars and pedals and duplicates Alex Lifeson’s style with perfection. Listen closely to the lead guitar he plays during Limelight and you will think Lifeson is up on stage. Gene Drum is the drummer of Rush Hour who has the difficult task of playing Neil Peart and also silent drum critics at the same time.  Gene does a great job playing the feel of the songs and is able to create the intricate drum sounds with his Roland 5 electronic drum kit.  Gene is most impressive during the songs The Spirit Of Radio and Limelight. The impossible job of playing Geddy is made possible by  bassist/vocalist/keyboardist Bob Daniels.  One will be very surprised on how well Bob is able to play through the set list with such a difficult job to perform. His vocals will not shatter glass like Geddy’s, but they are melodic and capture the feel like Geddy does.  Weather you’re a tribute band follower or a diehard Rush fan, Rush Hour is a band worth checking out. You will be amazed, surprised and the only way you will be disappointed is if they did not play one of your favorite Rush songs.


        Bill Deimann, percussionist




When I see and hear Rush Hour play live, I feel the passion and detail they put into every song,

every note and every lyric.  They truly represent "A Tribute to Rush".


Leroy Aiello, guitarist for Hemispheres


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