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Background & History

Rush Hour was formed in 1989 by Bob Daniels (bass guitar, lead vocals, keyboards & synthesizers) as a group dedicated to performing the music of the classic rock band, Rush.  Since 1989, the band has experienced personnel changes that have led up to the current line-up with Gene Drum (percussion) and Dave Capodanno (guitar, synthesizers, backing vocals).  Rush Hour covers four decades of Rush music with a major concentration in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, a time when Rush produced such major radio hits as Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio, Freewill and Subdivisions.

Rush Hour has always prided itself as being the only 3-piece Rush tribute band in the New York City area.  The dedicated talent and musicianship of the three members enable the band to reproduce Rush music in all aspects from difficult vocal parts to unique guitar patterns and complex time structures, while including the general presence of keyboard/synthesizer textures.

The band has played extensively throughout its existence, mostly on Long Island and has adopted the name Rush Hour, as it frequently has been called upon to play structured short sets.  This mostly came about when asked to frequently serve as the warm up act for the popular 80’s band, Zebra.

Rush Hour is an ever developing tribute band, focused on continuously improving itself to remain NYCs premier Rush tribute band.  Set lists continuously include new songs as the band is always working to build its catalogue of music.  Each show typically includes new showcase material.


Rush Hour is available on the weekends to play at clubs, bars, private parties and corporate events.  It also welcomes sharing shows with other bands as well as serving as a solo act.  The band provides all its necessary equipment, including its own PA System.  

Compensation Requirements



Rush Hour typically publicizes and promotes each of its shows through the following means:

- The band WEBSITE

- Bulletin postings on the bands MySpace and Facebook networking sites

- Advertisements in Good Times entertainment publications as well as Craigslist NY

- Multiple mass email distributions

- Mailed flyers

- Word of mouth

Press Kit

Available Upon Request.

Contact us at show@rushhr.com

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